This Fall You Could Finally Start Saving, Thanks to Your Benefits

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It's that time of year again — the air is getting brisk and holiday preparations are in full swing. Now, isn't there something you should be doing (other than double-fisting pumpkin spice lattes)?

That’s right: It's fall enrollment time for most companies. Savvy employees know this is an excellent opportunity to add or change benefits options and potentially save hundreds of dollars in the process. Yet some can’t be bothered. Even though employee benefits are an important safety net for people in the event of a planned (or sudden) life change, the average employee spends only 20 minutes per year evaluating their benefits options. In comparison, people spend 121 hours – yes, hours — per year using social media.


So, in other words, if you gave up watching just five adorable cat videos on YouTube, and instead spent that time reviewing your benefits options, you could get the protection you need and save yourself some money along the way. You may even discover that your company offers benefits options of which you weren't aware — like disability insurance or a group legal services plan — that would come in handy if you, say recently bought a house, got married, or added a new member to your family.

Check out the infographic below to see how you rank against your peers when it comes to evaluating your benefits options, and learn why it might be a smart idea to take a second look at what's available to you through work. Then spend a few minutes with these short yet super-informative videos on MetLife’s YouTube Learning Center to learn more about the benefits that can help protect you and build the financial security you need.

Sarah Fister Gale is a freelance business writer based in Chicago.

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