Lawyering Up Doesn't Have to Be Scary


Most people don’t think about how they would get legal advice until they're suddenly faced with a legal crisis. Yet 70% of people have at least one ongoing legal issue each year.* My sister’s husband is a general practice lawyer, so naturally any time we need legal advice we just call him.


When these issues occur, everyone wants to get the best legal advice, but lawyers can be expensive, and finding one can be intimidating. So some end up trying to handle their legal problems on their own; others call my brother-in-law.

But there's a better, more proactive option: a group Legal Services plan. These legal services plans, which are offered through work, provide you with instant access to a network of qualified lawyers for a low monthly payroll deduction. Whether you need to review a lease or are disputing yet another speeding ticket, group Legal Services plans help ensure that you get the help you need — without having to dig into your savings to pay for it.


The above video explains exactly how group Legal Services plans work and how to find out if you have access to these plans through your employer. For more information about this and other types of insurance options, check out MetLife’s YouTube Learning Center.

Sarah Fister Gale is a freelance business writer based in Chicago.

*"Public Perceptions of Lawyers Consumer Research Findings,” prepared on behalf of Section of Litigation, American Bar Association, April 2002.

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