Get the Most out of Your Work Benefits by Being Proactive


Raise your hand if you've ever woken up from a deep sleep with the work sweats after thinking you'd missed that big presentation or showed up to work without your shoes. Okay; now what about being jarred awake by the following thought: "Am I taking full advantage of the benefits I'm being offered at work?"


Wait, where are all the hands? Well, you're not alone. Shockingly, most people spend less than 15 minutes a year reviewing their benefits options through work.* If they even look at them at all. Don't be one of those people.

The above video explains why it's worth being proactive about revisiting your workplace benefit options during your company's fall enrollment period, especially if you've gone through a major life change — rather than, for example, waiting until the next time you get into a fender bender.


And MetLife’s YouTube Learning Center offers a wealth of resources to help you find the coverage options that may be available to you through work. So you can retain that impressive reputation for being a hyper-responsible adult that you've been working on since college.

Sarah Fister Gale is a freelance business writer based in Chicago.

*2012 PSB-MetLife Employee Benefits Survey

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